About Didier Ruedin

Didier RuedinDidier Ruedin is a researcher (project officer) at the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies at the University of Neuchâtel.

My research in political sociology concerns two areas. First, in the context of the project Taking Sides (SNSF-funded) and the European (FP7) project Support and Opposition to Migration, I work on various aspects of the politicization of migration. These comparative projects examine how, when, and why potential conflicts over migration become politicized. They include large-scale media analyses.

I particularly focus on individual attitudes towards foreigners, partly in the context of a SNSF-funded project I led on explaining attitudes towards foreigners in Switzerland. In this project we combine theory from economics and political sociology, and use individual-level panel data from the Swiss Household Panel (SHP). In a separate study, I examine attitudes towards specific immigrant groups.

Second, I work on political representation, including the political representation of women and ethnic groups in national legislatures. My 2009 article on the political representation of ethnic groups in a cross-national perspective won the SNIS International Geneva Award 2010.

In early 2012, I spent a good month as a visiting fellow at the Department of Political Science, University of Vienna (funded by the SNSF).

Education: University of Oxford: DPhil Sociology (2009); University of Oxford: MSc Sociology (with Distinction, 2005); Open University: BSc (Hons) Social Sciences (First Class, 2004).

ORCID: 0000-0001-5213-4316, Dataverse: ruedin, R-Forge: ruedin, GitHub: ruedin, SSRN, Mail: didier.ruedin@unine.ch