Do POS Converge Over Time?

Last week I looked at the (lack of) convergence of immigration policies over time. Today, I examine whether indicators of political opportunity structure (POS) converge over time. We collected data to examine this as part of the SOM project (description of indicators).

In the following table I consider just a few indicators of POS. I include both issue-specific and generic aspects of POS for the seven countries covered in the SOM project (AT, BE, CH, ES, IE, NL, UK).

Indicator Convergence
Effective number of parties in legislature No convergence
Seat-share of anti-immigrant parties No convergence
Political parties have special arrangements for immigrant candidates No convergence
Public money for immigrant organizations No convergence
Specific department for migration Clear convergence
Right to vote at national level, TCN All countries the same
Embedded consultation No convergence

There is no convergence for most of the indicators considered here. There is only one real exception: we observe a clear trend to have a dedicated department for migration. In 1995 only Switzerland had such an organizational arrangement, in 2010 only Austria did not have one.

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