Rinas Express: Taking the Bus to Tirana’s Airport

Note: Here’s an update from May 2019: Taking the Bus to Tirana’s Airport. The information below is no longer accurate.

Photo-0311It is possible to take a bus to Tirana’s airport, but unfortunately the service hasn’t got a web presence. The bus service is called Rinas Express, and operates every day between 7:00 and 19:00. It leaves on the hour every hour, both from the airport and from the town centre. It costs 250 Lek for a ride, which takes around 25 to 30 minutes. You buy the ticket in the bus (once it’s ready to depart; just sit in if you arrive earlier).

Finding the bus can be a bit trickier. At the airport, you simply walk straight on (don’t turn right towards the taxis when you leave the terminal building). In town, head to Skanderbeg Square, more specifically the National Museum. Rinas Express departs slightly off the square at the beginning of Rruga e Durrësit.

Or just get a taxi…

19 Replies to “Rinas Express: Taking the Bus to Tirana’s Airport”

  1. According to the timetable advertised at the bus stop near Skanderbeg Square, the buses run from 7:00 to 18:00 from Tirana, and from 8:00 to 19:00 from the airport.

      1. Thank you for your information. Can I please ask you, are the Rinas buses are always on time ? How long does the trip take exactly from the airport to the centre ? As Tirana has a bad reputation for the bumpy road, some say it takes 15 mins, some says up to 45 mins… can I use euros in the bus ? According to what you said, I could…

  2. I don’t have additional information other than what I’ve written above. So far, whenever I’ve taken the bus in Tirana, it was on time. They have two buses running, so with a scheduled departure every hour and a journey time of 25 to 30 minutes, there’s ample time to catch up in case of delays. 15 minutes is definitely not enough for the bus; that’s even ambitious for a car at night when there is no traffic. I’ve never had problems on the ride, but I have heard of blocked roads due to car accidents, for example. And of course during rush hour traffic can be a bit heavy in Tirana, but with my limited experience I’m in no position to make valid statements on that.

      1. What about any contact number?! Does Rinas Express have phone number? Cheers

  3. Thanks for the information that you give to us.
    The number of Rinas-Express 0693794848
    And from 2015 until now the bus depart near Caffee Flora, Rr ‘Mine Peza”

  4. Partenza ogni ora dal centro di Tirana chiedere Bar Flora e molto precisò e anche da aeroporto ogni ora prezzo 2500 lek = 2 euro tel

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