Migration-Related Jobs in Switzerland Plus a Comment

The newly established NCCR “On the Move” (previously mentioned) is now recruiting postocs and PhD students to work on migration-related topics. Quite a few of them, actually.

This leads to a vaguely related comment: discrimination of immigrants. Consider this, a job advert requiring the following:

German or French mother tongue; as English will be the project language, good written and oral command of English is required

I opposed this, since it technically excludes applicants such as those from the Italian-speaking area, or many international applicants, such as someone from Denmark. It does matter, because (unfortunately) there are employers who use expressions such as “mother-tongue” to signal that they only want to hire Swiss (i.e. no immigrants). It can lead to qualified candidates not applying: a problem when it comes to matching jobs and job-seekers. Now, this is not the case here, and I suggested highlighting that an excellent command of the languages is required.

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