Factorizing Error (in Zelig)

Today I re-run some code in R and was greeted with an error “Error in factorize(formula, data, f_out = TRUE)” and (more specifically) “Unable to find variable to convert to factor.” I immediately suspected the as.factor(x) among the predictor variables to be the culprit, but since this is analysis that has worked a few days earlier (on a different machine), I quickly searched on the web and found nothing. For some reason, in this case the as.factor(x) did not work, and the solution was simple: create a new (factor) variable separately and then run the regression analysis with the new variable. So instead of:

z <- zelig(y ~ x1 + as.factor(x2) + x3, model="normal", data=d)

I first create the new variable:

d$x2_factor <- as.factor(d$x2)

and then run the regression analysis with the new variable:

z <- zelig(y ~ x1 + x2_factor + x3, model="normal", data=d)

I just thought I’d share this in case someone else comes across this error and doesn’t find it obvious what the solution is.

2 Replies to “Factorizing Error (in Zelig)”

  1. Thank you! This probably should have been obvious to me but it was not.

    This was so clear and helpful.

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