Published: How Political Reception Contexts Shape Location Decisions of Immigrants

Our article on how immigrants decide where to live once they have come to live in a country is now properly published.

Using a conjoint survey experiment with a representative sample of recently arrived immigrants, we established that both political and economic factors play a role in location decisions. In the literature on location choice, economic consideration (e.g., taxes) are often highlighted. Here we show that financial considerations are not everything: the parties in power, the integration policies, etc. also play a role.

The article is available online for everyone to read, but you can also watch a summary:

Bennour, Salomon, Anita Manatschal, and Didier Ruedin. 2022. ‘How Political Reception Contexts Shape Location Decisions of Immigrants’. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 48 (19): 4730–53. More.

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