The problem with (academic) Mastodon

A bit more than 2 months ago, I signed up to Mastodon (again). I did spend a few moments to pick a relevant home, but by now I’m pretty sure I identified the key problem with Mastodon: it’s far too relevant! That’s right, I learn about a larger number of interesting and relevant publications, and more importantly, I get exposure to a more diverse set of opinions and perspectives. Diversity in perspectives is a good thing, but more reading — can’t we get an algorithm to throw in irrelevant messages instead, just so that there’s an endless supply of messages⸮⸮

OK, more seriously, compared to what was formerly considered a competitor product, the Mastodon experience I get on is much more on target, less news, less TikTok content, and none of these annoying attempts to make me subscribe to topics and “famous” people.

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