Empirical evidence of structural racism in Switzerland: An overview

Here’s a very brief overview of the empirical evidence of structural racism we capture in Switzerland.

As part of a broader study, we carried out a scoping review of empirical evidence for structural racism in Switzerland. We could identify 304 studies on this country alone, and jointly they draw a picture in line with structural racism.

Full reports in German, French, Italian (SFM Studies #81): http://www.unine.ch/sfm/home/publications/etudes-du-sfm.html

10-page Summaries in German, French, Italian: https://www.edi.admin.ch/edi/de/home/fachstellen/frb/publikationen/KurzfassungStudieStrukturellerRassismus.html

Working paper in English: https://osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/vnz6h/

Framework by Osta & Vasquez: https://www.nationalequityproject.org/frameworks/implicit-bias-structural-racialization

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