PhD and Postdoc opportunities in ethnologie at Neuchâtel

Climate change, sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, ethnology, social anthropology…

L’Université de Neuchâtel et la Fondation Rurale Interjurassienne ont joint leurs forces pour mettre sur pied le Centre d’excellence et de compétence pour le développement de systèmes agroécologiques durables dans l’Arc jurassien dans un contexte de changement climatique CEDD-Agro-Eco-Clim. Intégré à l’Institut d’ethnologie et lié à la chaire d’anthropologie de l’environnement, le CEDD a pour mission de dresser un état de la situation des principaux défis en matière d’agriculture et de durabilité, d’identifier les besoins d’intervention prioritaires ainsi que les bonnes pratiques, de générer, valoriser et partager des connaissances sur le sujet, afin de sensibiliser la population et les autorités politiques au niveau régional et national.

Pour renforcer l’équipe de ce nouveau centre, l’Université de Neuchâtel met au concours les postes suivants :

assistant-e doctorant-e (80%) a l’institut d’ethnologie
Entrée en fonction : 01/02/2023
Job advert (in French)

Entrée en fonction : 01/01/2023 ou à convenir
Job advert (in French)

PhD opportunity in gender and migration

Dr Sirijit Sunanta is looking for a  motivated and talented prospective student to be funded a full scholarship to study in the PhD Program in Multicultural Studies at RILCA, Mahidol University, in the areas of gender studies, migration, mobilities and cultural diversity, ethnicity and multiculturalism. The scholarship, based at Mahidol University, covers tuition and educational fee, monthly allowance (15K THB), research fees, and international research/exchange visit at an overseas institution.

Deadline for applications, October 15th, 2022.

Human Migration: Visiting Fellows from Global South to Switzerland, 2-3 months

At the NCCR on the move in Switzerland, we have an open call for visiting fellows. Typically 2-3 months, fully funded (PhD and postdoc level).
More information:

Deadline: 31 October 2022

You’ll have to connect to one of the current projects listed here: and get an invitation.

Come and join/visit us!

Academia: reduce your working hours to get more work done⸮⸮⸮

I sometimes love how honest guides to academic “careers” can be. Take this description of a lecturer position (maître assistant):

In some departments, lecturers can obtain a reduction in their working hours in the final year of their contract so that they can devote more time to developing their research dossier. It’s worth obtaining information from colleagues about the department’s practices and where necessary negotiating a reduction.
“career advice” for lecturers

I realize this particular information is no longer updated, but the advice is quite simple: reduce your working hours to get more work done! Makes perfect sense⸮⸮⸮

It’s quite an honest description, though: temporary posts are dangerous and may undermine an academic career.

If you feel that your administrative responsibilities are jeopardising the development of your research dossier, you must have the courage to renegotiate your workload as soon as possible as temporary posts are dangerous and may undermine an academic career.
temporary posts are dangerous!

OK, but doesn’t this make you wonder why universities actually offer these positions that by their own admission are “dangerous” for a career, that do not include enough paid hours to get your work done? This particular guide suggests that lecturers “must take precautions against being overwhelmed by student supervision” and, better still, they “renegotiate your workload as soon as possible” — as if such a renegotiation were realistically possible.

It probably makes economic sense to have this kind of jobs, but if universities were seriously against precarious positions and exploitation, perhaps they could tackle this kind of position — maybe jointly with “part-time” PhD positions? Just an idea.