International Fellowships for Urban Scholars from the Global South

Applications are invited to the USF’s International Fellowships for urban scholars from the Global South. Each award will cover the cost of a sabbatical period at a university of the candidate’s choice, worldwide, for the purpose of writing-up the candidate’s existing research findings in the form of publishable articles and/or a book.

International Fellowships for Urban Scholars from the Global South
Urban Studies Foundation, UK
Applications: June 20, 2023

LIVES International Conference 9-10 November 2023 in Lausanne

The life course in turbulent times

As our society faces global crises in short succession in the 21st century, the interest for longitudinal studies has heightened. Cutting-edge data, methods and research are crucially needed to investigate the impact of crises and other adverse events on life course transitions and trajectories.

What role do material, motivational, cognitive and non-cognitive resources (such as resistance to stress) play in bolstering individuals’ resilience over time – and how do they interact with social inequalities? How do governments, markets and families reduce or increase the vulnerability of different social groups in the aftermath of crises?

Full details:

Deadline: 18 June 2023

Reminder: Join us! 100% Postdoc, 24 months

We’re hiring a postdoc to research human migration and mobility.

You have a PhD in migration, sociology, demography, economics, public health, or similar (max. 5 years since PhD). You have quantitative skills (p.ex. causal inference, survey experiments, big data, text-as-data), and you’re hungry to develop your own research.

Excellent French and English needed.

Job advert, deadline 30 April 2023