My research focuses on reactions to immigration and diversity: politicization, discrimination, and attitudes in the area of immigration and ethnic groups. I also work on the political representation of women and ethnic groups in national legislatures. Find a full listing of publications and conference presentations separately.

effectReactions to Immigration and Diversity
I examine individual attitudes to foreigners and immigrants and related discrimination in different contexts. Part of this research is funded by the SNIS (2015–2018) and SNSF (2011–2013). In related work, I work on various aspects of the politicization of migration, examining how, when, and why potential conflicts over migration become politicized.

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irsPolitical Representation
My work on political representation focuses on the so-called descriptive representation of women and ethnic groups in national legislatures.


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Other Research

S-SAMI coordinate the Swiss-Subsaharan Africa Migration Network (S-SAM):

FORSbase list of research projects I am or was involved in:

Eva Van Belle — postdoc (discrimination)
Anaïs Zodeougan — research assistant (discrimination)
Margaux Quadroni — research assistant (politicization)
Manon Reith — research assistant (politicization)
Oriana Polero Cardoso — research assistant (politicization)
Marilyn Ducommun — research assistant (politicization)

Former Team Members
Lora Zanasco — research assistant (politicization)
Cheryl Kwok — research assistant (politicization)
Julie Mancini — research assistant (discrimination), research intern (politicization)
Olivia Gasser — research assistant (discrimination)
Claire El Attar — research assistant (discrimination)
Maud Rouvinez — research assistant (discrimination)
Sjoerdje van Heerden — postdoc (attitudes towards immigrants)
Carla Xena — postdoc (attitudes towards immigrants; with Sergi Pardos-Prado)
Veronica Preotu — postodc (attitudes towards immigrants; with Tobias Müller)
Brian Murahwa — research assistant (political representation)
Clem Aeppli — research intern (politicization, measurement)
Bukiwe Tambulu — research assistant (politicization)
Sethelile Ntlhakana — research assistant (politicization)
Jane Thato Dewah — research assistant (political representation)
Marco Pecoraro — postdoc (attitudes towards immigrants)
Camilla Alberti — research intern (immigration policies)