I use experiments and quantitative analysis to understand social inequalities and exclusion as a consequence of migration. My research examines discrimination and attitudes to foreigners, political reactions in policies and political debates, and political representation and participation. Full listing of publications, and data.

Discrimination and Attitudes to Foreigners

I examine individual attitudes to foreigners and immigrants and related discrimination in different contexts, notably the labour and housing market. Part of this research takes place in the context of the NCCR on the move (2018-2022, 2022-2026), or is funded by the SNIS (2015-2018) and the SNSF (2011-2013, 2022-2024). We combine theory from sociology, economics, and political science, and use field experiments and other quantitative methods.

Political Reactions in Policies and Debates

In related work, I work on various aspects of the politicization of migration, examining how, when, and why potential conflicts over migration become politicized. This entails an examination of party positions on immigration using different methods, text-as-data, and systematic media analyses in multiple countries to understand political reactions to immigration (NCCR on the move, 2022-2026).

Political Representation and Participation


My work on political representation and political participation covers the so-called descriptive representation of women and ethnic groups in national legislatures.

Other Research

I coordinate the Swiss-African Migration Network (SAM):

SWISSUbase list of research projects I am or was involved in:


Fodé Samb — research officer (politicization)
Anouk Albien — Marie Curie visiting (migration)
Maarja Vollmer — PhD researcher (politicization, jointly with Gianni D’Amato)
Anna Marino — PhD researcher (politicization, with Matteo Gianni)
Carol Pierre — PhD researcher (politicization, with Gianni D’Amato)
Natalia Malancu — postdoc (labour-market, well-being)
Marco Pecoraro — senior researcher (labour-market, well-being, with Bruno Lanz)

Former Team Members

Chloé Salathé — research intern (labour-market, well-being)
Eva Van Belle — postdoc (discrimination)
Oriana Polero Cardoso — research assistant (politicization, discrimination)
Luca Bernasconi — research intern (discrimination, attitudes)
Veronica Preotu — postdoc (politicization; attitudes towards immigrants, with Tobias Müller)
Anaïs Zodeougan — research assistant (discrimination)
Margaux Quadroni — research assistant (politicization)
Manon Reith — research assistant (politicization)
Marilyn Ducommun — research assistant (politicization)
Lora Zanasco — research assistant (politicization)
Cheryl Kwok — research assistant (politicization)
Julie Mancini — research assistant (discrimination), research intern (politicization)
Olivia Gasser — research assistant (discrimination)
Claire El Attar — research assistant (discrimination)
Maud Rouvinez — research assistant (discrimination)
Sjoerdje van Heerden — postdoc (attitudes towards immigrants)
Carla Xena — postdoc (attitudes towards immigrants, with Sergi Pardos-Prado)
Brian Murahwa — research assistant (political representation)
Clem Aeppli — research intern (politicization, measurement)
Bukiwe Tambulu — research assistant (politicization)
Sethelile Ntlhakana — research assistant (politicization)
Jane Thato Dewah — research assistant (political representation)
Marco Pecoraro — postdoc (attitudes towards immigrants)
Camilla Alberti — research intern (immigration policies)

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