Jitsi on GNU/Linux

We’re currently using Jitsi a lot, an open-source video conferencing solution. On my GNU/Linux machine running Ubuntu, I had issues with using it on Firefox, using up all the CPU and blocking/freezing after a while. Solution: it works fine on Chromium.

“I don’t care about cookies” breaks ORCID — easy fix

I have discovered that the Firefox add-on “I don’t care about cookies” breaks ORCID in the sense that the ‘visibility buttons’ on ORCID are not shown when editing the ORCID record. After experimenting a bit, I discovered that it was the said add-on that somehow breaks the page. There’s an easy fix: white-list orcid.org by visiting the page, right-clicking “I don’t care about cookies” > “disable on orcid.org”. Done.