Job opportunities: Structural racism & discrimination (PhD & Postdoc)

Over at the new EqualStrength project, they are hiring 1 PhD and 1 postdoc.

EqualStrength is a Horizon Europe project funded by the European Union. This research project investigates cumulative and structural forms of discrimination, outgroup prejudice and hate crimes against ethnic, racial and religious minorities.

Objectives of the project:

  1. reveal structural and cumulative forms of ethnic and racial discrimination in Europe
  2. assess the systemic nature of prejudice across life domains
  3. analyse policy and institutional factors that contribute to structural discrimination
  4. document the experiences and coping strategies
  5. highlight the intersection of race, ethnicity and religion with other dimensions of inequality

Postdoc Labour Market & Survey Research, Hannover

As part of the Horizon Europe project “European Labour Markets Under Pressure – New Knowledge on Pathways to Include Persons in Vulnerable Situations” (PATHS2INCLUDE) they have a vacancy at the Leibniz University Hannover for a postdoctoral position (100%) in the field of labour market and survey research to start on 1 March 2023. The application deadline is on 14th December 2022. 

Please find the job offer online on

3-year postdoc on crises in liminal situations (Ukraine, Syria), 50% FTE

Mihaela Nedelcu and other colleagues are looking for a part-time Postdoc to complete the research team of the nccr – on the move IP45 project.

The project “Dealing with Crises and Liminal Situations: The Agency of Ukrainian and Syrian Forced Migrants in Three National Contexts”. Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, this position is based at the Institute of Sociology, University of Neuchâtel.

3-year contract (50%)
Application deadline : 25.11.2022
Starting date: 01.02.2023, or to be agreed upon.
Details of the project and the position attached to this email, or here. More information about the nccr – on the move: