Université de Neuchâtel propose un nouveau pilier en science politique

A partir de la rentrée d’automne 2023, les nouvelles étudiantes et nouveaux étudiants inscrit-e-s pour le Bachelor en lettres et sciences humaines pourront choisir un nouveau pilier dans le cadre de leur cursus : la science politique. Ce pilier s’organise en cinq modules, de l’introduction en science politique aux méthodes quantitatives et qualitatives des sciences sociales, en passant par un séminaire de sociologie politique.

Information: https://www.unine.ch/unine/home/pour-les-medias/communiques-de-presse/lunine-propose-un-nouveau-pilier.html

Most important academic skill? English!

The other day I was reviewing a paper that looked quite interesting, but unfortunately was written in such poor English that I could not really understand what was going on. I felt sorry for the author(s). I then recalled a recent discussion with a colleague of mine about how important so-called transferable skills are for students: We know that most of them won’t end up in academia, so stuff like critical thinking, structuring an argument, or reading a regression table a are pretty important. Among these, coherent and comprehensible English must rank very high. For those who stay in academia, I’d argue that it’s the most important skill, because it’s central to communicating with other researchers and having your work understood. Only this way can others build on what we do. Ironically, however, teaching English is typically not a focus at universities, if it is done at all. Like so many things, we just kind of assume students (have to figure out how to) do it.

Image: CC-by-nc Moiggi Interactive