pandoc-citeproc: “stdin” (line 31, column 2): unexpected “b”

Today I came across the following error in pandox (pandoc-citeproc) that was a bit cryptic to me:

pandoc-citeproc: "stdin" (line 31, column 2): unexpected "b"
expecting "c", "C", "p", "P", "s" or "S"

When I also got this on an empty text (markdown) file with just a reference in it, I realized that the markdown document was not the problem. Indeed, I had inadvertedly deleted a trailing comma in the bibtex document.

title = {Racial [...]

doesn’t work; it should be:

title = {Racial [...]

LaTeX to Word

Ever needed to convert a LaTeX document to Word, like to submit it to a social sciences journal insisting on MS Word format? There are several options out there, including using Adobe Reader to save the PDF as a Word document. In my experience, the best results can be obtained when using MS Word to open the PDF document (yes, MS word can open PDF documents!). Obviously you’ll have to check everything carefully, but recent version of Word even seem to handle most equations right.

Alternatively, write in Pandoc Markdown to start with (or Sciflow if you need online collaborative writing), and you can create beautiful PDF as well as Word document, whatever you need.

Syntax Highlighting for Pandoc/Markdown in Notepad++

There are several files out there to add syntax highlighting for pandoc/markdown to Notepad++. I couldn’t find one that is ready for the Solarized (dark) theme, so I modified one of the existing ones. Embarrassingly I cannot recall which one I used as the based; I’ll be very happy to give credit if someone points me to the source. The modified version is available here. I also removed the code that highlighted everything between underscores (which renders as italic), because I sometimes have bibtex identifiers that include underscores…