Move From/To to the Side of an Operator in LibreOffice

Like any decent office, LibreOffice (OpenOffice, etc.) has a formula editor to edit mathematical formulae. I wanted to have the from and to arguments to the side of the operator, but this does not seem to be foreseen. LibreOffice wants to place them at the bottom and top respectively, but if using a formula inside the main text, this really doesn’t look good. That’s the top of the illustration here.


Here’s how I worked around this limitation: I gave up on the from and to arguments, and used subscripts and superscripts instead.

Here is the code:
R = 1 - size*0.6 {{1} over {2}} sum from{i=1} to{n} lline Z_i - R_i rline
R = 1 - size*0.6 {{1} over {2}} sum^{n}_{i=1} lline Z_i - R_i rline

I also set a smaller size for the 1/2 division. Obviously this applies to any operator, sums, products, etc.