Do Immigration Policies Converge Over Time?

Do immigration policies in Europe converge over time? As part of the SOM project, we collected data to examine this. Using the MIPEX criteria, we cover seven countries 1995 to 2010. We complemented this with an indicator on asylum policies.

Strand Higher Lower SD
Labour Market 7 -7
Family Reunion 3 4 +3
Long-Term Residence 4 3
Political Participation 4 3 -3
Access to Nationality 4 3 +6
Anti-Discrimination 6 1 -7
Asylum Seekers 2 4

This table gives the number of countries where MIPEX scores in 2010 are higher than in 1995 (respectively lower), as well as the difference in standard deviations (AT, BE, CH, ES, IE, NL, UK). So we can see convergence in two strands only: labour market and anti-discrimination.