New issue at Social Inclusion

There is a new issue out at Social Inclusion. “Networks and Contested Identities in the Refugee Journey”, edited by Niro Kandasamy, Lauren Avery and Karen Soldatic.

In this issue, we get work on contested identities in the refugee journey, different narratives for different refugees, how stories and narratives are negotiated, a contrast between expats and refugees, and notions of deservingness.

Complete issue:

Hiring now: 3 PhD researchers — migration

We have currently three positions open for a project on how narratives of crisis influence discourses and policies of migration and mobility. The project is built around crisis narratives, how they evolve, and how they affect social behaviour (attitudes, discrimination), policies, as well as migration intentions, bridging disciplines as experimental sociology, history and political theory.

Deadline: 8 May 2022

Full call:

If this is not your thing, there are other positions by the NCCR on the move open at the moment, with deadlines in April, May, and June: