Is there discrimination against Blacks in Switzerland? — my first video abstract…

I briefly discuss the results from a field experiment on hiring discrimination in Switzerland. We find that Black job seekers must send around 30 per cent more applications than White candidates to be invited to a job interview.

German version:

Rosita Fibbi, Didier Ruedin, Robin Stünzi & Eva Zschirnt (2021) Hiring discrimination on the basis of skin colour? A correspondence test in Switzerland, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI:

Roundtable on the welfare state (French)

The NCCR on the move and the NCCR LIVES hold a roundtable on the welfare state (in French, with translations to German).

Table ronde d’expert·e·s du NCCR LIVES et du nccr – on the move
Aux frontières de l’Etat social suisse : entre bien-être, mobilité et précarité

The roundtable takes place online and in Neuchâtel (hybrid)

Full details: