S-SAM 3rd Call for Exchanges and Pilot Studies Closing 15 September 2019

Here’s a reminder that the third call for exchanges and pilot studies is still open until 15 September 2019.

In this third call, we focus on:

    – The role of limited and contradictory information in decisions to migrate.
    – Aspirations and abilities to migrate, including the nature of different ‘pull’ effects and the choice of destination country and how they change according to context. Includes questions of preparation, anticipation of problems ‘enroute’ and in destination country (e.g. discrimination).
    – Quantitative analysis of Afrobarometer or other suitable data on aspirations and abilities to migrate.
    – Quantitative or experimental analysis of migration decisions when facing limited or contradictory information.
    – Research on the role of trust in migration decisions.
    – Novel research on student migration from Subsaharan Africa to Switzerland and Europe, as a specific motivation to migrate.

You are at the transition from PhD to established researcher: either a late PhD (typically last year), or early postdoctoral researcher (typically first or second year). You are embedded in a university in a Subsaharan African country or in Switzerland, and study human migration in any relevant discipline.


S-SAM Call for Exchanges and Pilot Studies Closing 15 April 2019

The second call for bilateral research activities between Switzerland and Subsaharan Africa (S-SAM) closes soon. We fund research activities by late PhD and early postdoctoral researchers between Switzerland and Subsaharan Africa. Submit your proposal for short pilot studies or academic exchanges on the topic of human migration.

For further information see the website of the S-SAM: http://www.unine.ch/sfm/home/formation/ssam.html

Deadline: 15 April 2019.

Swiss-Subsaharan Africa Migration — Inaugural call

Today I give you the Swiss-Subsaharan Africa Migration (S-SAM) network. The aim is to build and strengthen long-term partnerships between migration researchers in Subsaharan Africa and Switzerland, and we have just launched our first call for pilot studies and exchanges: https://www.unine.ch/sfm/home/formation/ssam.html

Key countries are: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, as well as Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, and Tanzania. We fund small pilot studies and exchanges for late PhD and early postdoctoral researchers. The focus is on reasons and preparations to migrate, health, and student migration.