Academic Spam, May 2022 Edition

I just got this gem…

Dear Dr. Ruedin,

This is a Call for the Appointment of Editors, to the journal [JOURNAL NAME REMOVED]. This is a new journal focused on all areas of Social Sciences. The journal publishes original letters (short articles), research articles, full-length/mini-reviews and thematic issues based on mini-reviews and short articles dealing with various topics related to Social Sciences.

Considering your contributions in the field, and based on your published article entitled [ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY ME SOME 5 YEARS AGO] we feel that your field of interest is related to our journal, and that you would be a good candidate for this position. We are therefore requesting your permission to communicate with you further on this matter.

Fantastic, this article must have impressed them, running a set of regression analyses with carefully selected variable to examine different social mechanisms… let’s have a closer look then:

The scope of the journal covers all topics related to social sciences and we will be appointing Editors in the fields given below, including but not limited to:

1.       Anthropology

2.       Area Studies


45.   Women’s Studies

46.   Other related fields

OK, I slightly abbreviated this list for the sake of this blog post… I don’t know, only 45 subfields of the social sciences, is this broad enough? Thankfully, we get #46 (“other related fields”), and recall the “but not limited to” just above the list…!

Then they ask me to contact them should I be interested, but the best comes last:

[If you prefer not to receive any further emails, please send us an email with the subject line “UNSUBSCRIBE”]

Yes, definitely not spam — I mean don’t we all have this line at the bottom of our e-mails??

Post-Doc position/ Quantitative Social Scientist/ Migration in Potsdam

Jasper Tjaden is looking for a post doc to work with him in Potsdam starting October 2022. The contract is initially two years with the possibility of extension.

Interested candidates should send their CV and a short (one paragraph) motivation (in the body of the email).

Candidates should have:

  • Interest in migration/ integration studies (!)
  • Advanced R/ Stata skills
  • Good understanding of econometrics
  • Good understanding of causal inference
  • Experience collecting data/ survey methodology
  • Interest in/ experience with digital data (Facebook/ Google etc.)
  • Team player
  • Solid publication record

Prof. Dr. Jasper Tjaden

Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences
Professor of Applied Social Research & Public Policy

not statistical

I wanted to share this gem:

There were no real statistical tests presented and discussed in the paper. We don’t know whether the differences are significant.

Did the reviewer mean no outdated p-values? Well spotted! That discussion of the substantive meaning of the coefficients and those credibility intervals — apparently not spotted.

Image: CC-by Chase Elliott Clark