Overcoming pre-conceptions

The NCCR on the move have just published a mini-series on overcoming preconceptions. There are three videos of two minutes.

It’s hard to tell whether these are really pre-conceptions, because as far as I know we haven’t asked the general population.

I guess at this general level, there’s nothing controversial in there, but I can already see that to some 5% of 150,000 sounds like a lot of people, or the fact that the majority of immigrants will probably leave in the future can be twisted into denying access services.

If you don’t mind reading a few words, there are many more immigration facts available here: http://indicators.nccr-onthemove.ch/

Attitudes against Foreigners in Switzerland

In a new survey we asked a representative sample of the Swiss population the degree they felt threatened by a series of neighbours. About a third reported no threat by any kind of immigrant neighbour we asked. Another third of the respondents indicted only mild discomfort, while the remaining third indicated considerable degrees of threat.

The stated threat by immigrants from the European Union was negligible and roughly on par with that by people from another region in Switzerland. By contrast, considerably more threat was reported for potential neighbours from South-Eastern Europe (Albania, Kosovo, Turkey).