Reviewing activities on a 2-page CV

I’m a big fan of 2-page CV, but in the most recent template I have received from a funder, they also ask to list reviewing activities. On the one hand, I appreciate that they try to acknowledge reviewing activities, on the other hand, I wonder what selection criteria would be appropriate — listing everything would fill most of the 2 pages (and still not tell us much about the quality of the reviews); only listing activities for “prestigious” work kind of defeats the point of trying to acknowledge the less glorious parts of what we do.

Academic Spam, May 2022 Edition

I just got this gem…

Dear Dr. Ruedin,

This is a Call for the Appointment of Editors, to the journal [JOURNAL NAME REMOVED]. This is a new journal focused on all areas of Social Sciences. The journal publishes original letters (short articles), research articles, full-length/mini-reviews and thematic issues based on mini-reviews and short articles dealing with various topics related to Social Sciences.

Considering your contributions in the field, and based on your published article entitled [ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY ME SOME 5 YEARS AGO] we feel that your field of interest is related to our journal, and that you would be a good candidate for this position. We are therefore requesting your permission to communicate with you further on this matter.

Fantastic, this article must have impressed them, running a set of regression analyses with carefully selected variable to examine different social mechanisms… let’s have a closer look then:

The scope of the journal covers all topics related to social sciences and we will be appointing Editors in the fields given below, including but not limited to:

1.       Anthropology

2.       Area Studies


45.   Women’s Studies

46.   Other related fields

OK, I slightly abbreviated this list for the sake of this blog post… I don’t know, only 45 subfields of the social sciences, is this broad enough? Thankfully, we get #46 (“other related fields”), and recall the “but not limited to” just above the list…!

Then they ask me to contact them should I be interested, but the best comes last:

[If you prefer not to receive any further emails, please send us an email with the subject line “UNSUBSCRIBE”]

Yes, definitely not spam — I mean don’t we all have this line at the bottom of our e-mails??

Fixing Jupyter access denied on Ubuntu 22.04

After the upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 Jupyter Notebook (on Firefox 99.0.1) would greet me with an Access Denied error. Not exactly conducive to work.

I tried setting access right of the directories (I also thought about access issues given that .local is a hidden directory), but it turns out that creating an explicit configuration helps:

jupyter notebook --generate-config

This creates a file at: ~/.jupyter/

and in this (text) file we’re looking for c.NotebookApp.use_redirect_file, uncomment it, and set it to

c.NotebookApp.use_redirect_file = True

(as explained in the comments; this seems completely fine on a single-user machine).