Data on Ethnic Group Representation

I regularly get asked whether I’d be willing to share my data on the political representation of ethnic groups in national legislatures. The answer always is yes, as I believe in sharing data. Apart from the appendices in my 2009 article and 2013 monograph, the data are available on my Dataverse. There you can find a spreadsheet with the numbers behind the representation scores. As this is an ongoing project of mine, I do from time to time update my database with better estimates, and also expand coverage. This also means that I’d appreciate possible corrections.

One Reply to “Data on Ethnic Group Representation”

  1. Danke für diese Daten. Das ist leider noch nicht selbstverständlich, dass Daten, die mit Steuergeldern erstellt werden nachher auch den Steuerzahlern zur Verfügung stehen.

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